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Editors' Pick: The Mini Darth of Firetop Mountain


You stand resplendent in your dragon armor at the door into the side of Firetop Mountain. You have travelled many weeks through bandit-infested forests and foothills to get to this point. You are here to kill the evil but extremely handsome sorcerer, Mini Darth. He resides deep in the mountain. On dark and stormy nights locals talk of being able to hear refrains of the Imperial March blowing on winds from his mountain lair. You push on inside. There is no turning back!


As your eyes adjust to the gloom, you step forward into a corridor hewn into the rock. Burning torches line the walls. Water drips from the ceiling. After several miles of walking you come to two doors.
From a door in the left wall you can hear some very pleasant singing. The door in front of you looks very ominous and you can hear some humming and buzzing in the room beyond.

To scream a battle cry and charge through the door in front of you - Turn to 400


Uttering a loud battle cry you barge into the door breaking its hinges and sending it crashing into the room beyond. You find yourself in Mini Darth’s main Chamber of Evil! Huge industrial ovens line the walls. Inside them bake countless Dark Side Cookies. Their sickeningly sweet smell fills the air. You hear heavy breathing behind you and spin round raising your sword and shield. TOO LATE!!! You are force-propelled into the air, bounced from wall to ceiling to floor to wall and back to the floor. Out of your dying eyes you see Mini Darth standing over your broken body. The last thing you hear as he plunges his red lightsaber into your face is, “Nice try, silly billy!”
Your Adventure is Over...

That's it for our editors' picks! The winning entry will be posted tomorrow - so stay tuned!


  1. Mini Darth says:

    Delighted to be Editors Pick! I know what you are all thinking. Besides, ‘Mini Darth, you are so awesome. You write so well. I wish I was as awesome and could write as well as you.’ You are thinking – what would have happened had I chosen to go through the door in the left wall with the pleasant singing? Well that will be released in the The Mini Darth of Firetop Mountain: Limited Special Super Sith Gold Star Edition!

    1. The Doctor says:

      We look forward to seeing it! Congratulations again.

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