The Epicurean Cure is a celebration of thinking – rigorously, critically, and enthusiastically – about and through the texts we love: from literature to
video games, films, comics, poetry, television, and everything in between. The goal is to bring together academics and the creators and consumers of pop culture, to engage in dialogue and collaboration, and recognise the value of bi-directional exchange: that texts are worthy of our time and analysis (whether over a glass of wine with friends, in the classroom, or in our offices), and that rigorous thinking and academic tools can shine light on the stories we adore, and help us shape new ones. We’re particularly interested in tropes and patterns, and you’ll see discussions of philosophical and linguistic tropes in addition to the commonly recognised literary ones (damsels, knights and squishy wizards). In addition to our musings, you’ll find reviews, interviews with a variety of interesting folk, and going forward, new creative pieces that play with the ideas explored here.

We bring a bunch of enthusiasm, a variety of expertise, and some helpful analytical tools: new ways to think about the media we consume, to challenge our perceptions and misconceptions, reveal our assumptions, and subvert and transcend the old tropes. The content should be accessible, readable, navigable – there’s no reason academia should be elitist or jargon-heavy, and we’ll be trying to avoid that here (where there is jargon, it should be explained and purposeful). But we believe in precision, clarity and rigour, as well as occasionally making people smile – accessible needn’t mean oversimplified, and academic needn’t mean humourless.

Enough about us, what about you? If you’d like to get involved, there are plenty of ways to participate.

The People (including an octopus)

We are a philosopher, a linguist, a web-developer, and an octopus named Tetra. We’re joined by a host of clever, creative, wonderful guest contributors, who you can find out about via their posts.

The Site

This site is designed with accessibility as a core value, not only in terms of its content, but also its presentation. It should work well on any device and be compatible with screen readers and other accessibility tools. If you encounter any problems or bugs, or have any suggestions for how we could do better, please let us know at webmaster@epicureancure.com – we take this very seriously indeed.

N.B. Since we're fairly new, there's still a lot of work in progress! We're sorry if this causes problems in the interim – please do let us know if there's something we should address as a matter of urgency.


Comments now implemented! But do feel free to continue to discuss on Twitter or Facebook as well.

All comments are subject to moderation. We aim to foster lively but civil discourse, and a welcoming atmosphere. Critical engagement is encouraged, but if you just fancy being an arsehole, please do it elsewhere (or y’know, rethink your life choices).

Getting in Touch

If you’d like to contribute, send us texts for review, or otherwise get involved, you can find details on the participate page.

If you have a suggestion or question, you can email us at hello@epicureancure.com.

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